Urban Solutions for Connected Cities
The Potential of Key Enabling Technologies
Building the City of Tomorrow
Urban Solutions for Connected Cities

Urban Solutions for Connected Cities

The initiative “Urban Solutions for Connected Cities (USCC)” was founded to explore the potential of key enabling technologies which are “Made in Germany” for cities worldwide.

Cities are currently facing numerous challenges. These range from digitalization and security to traffic growth to supply infrastructures, as well as the changing demands of a growing and aging population. Technology offers a great array of solutions to tackle these challenges.

By applying key enabling technologies like photonics, IT, advanced materials or innovative energy storage systems, urban transformation processes can be supported in sustainable ways and lead cities into prosperous futures. However, it is often the case that further research and development steps are missing when exploring the potential of technology with regard to complex systems such as growing megacities.

Friedrich Schiller University Jena, research institutions and companies in its network bring sound expertise in technology transfer and aim to promote a more concentrated cooperation of companies, researchers and city representatives to apply and exploit this technological potential.


The initiative is coordinated by the Service Center for Research and Transfer at the Friedrich Schiller University in Thuringia (Germany) and is part of the campaign “Building the City of Tomorrow” which is the latest campaign of Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and which aims to reach out internationally to find answers to the pressing urban challenges that no nation could find on its own.

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